Thursday, December 19, 2013

Protecting Your Skin by Preventing Razor Burn

Taking care of your skin can be quite a daunting task. It requires time and necessary products, but the payoff leaves your skin healthy, moisturized and protected all the time. People always seem to turn heads when sunlight reveals a smooth and beautiful layer of vibrant skin. Many people, however, aren't typically attracted to visible layers of hair on the arms and legs for young girls and women. So naturally women take care of this surface nuisance by shaving their desired areas to uncover smooth and sleek skin.
It's important for every woman to keep their appearance clean and refreshed by shaving on a regular basis. Perfecting the technique of shaving cleanly may not be so black and white. Many small tasks can be used to get a better, cleaner, and faster shave. If proper steps aren't met, razor burns are a typical result. These razor burns manifest themselves as red bumps or small lacerations on the legs or arms. Applying a simple moisturizer with healing components can reduce these irritating effects. Ideally before starting any shave, it's best to take a warm shower beforehand. The warm water works to relax the skin and open up the microscopic pores that house the hair follicles. As these pores widen the follicles become less rigid and thus provide a smoother surface to work with.

Maintaining your razor is probably the most important step you can take to minimize any razor burn or small cuts. Purchasing a quality razor with sharpened edges is a must. The sharper and less dull the blades, the more natural and smoother stroke will be easily achievable. After taking the follicle relaxing shower it's important to keep your legs or arms wet before continuing on into your shave. You may choose to wet your legs or arm with warm to hot water and then apply a sufficient amount of shaving cream to the desired area.
Gradually using your razor in a uniform direction that doesn't go against the grain, or against the natural bend of your hairs helps reduce the sudden stops that usually result in minor cuts and razor burn. Using intermediate strokes instead of a long continuous stroke also reduces the unintentional to shave the overall area piece by piece and take your time. There is absolutely no need to rush anything involving a blade and human skin. If razor burns or major cuts should occur, applying pressure to the area immediately stops continual bleeding and any bottled solution of alcohol can insure any risk of infection.

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